Monday, April 27, 2015

Girl Boxing Game

Put gloves on and use His fists to accomplish achieve your goal.

Girl Boxing Game

★★★★★ Real Free Boxing Game, Download IT NOW ★★★★★

Control your player Until won, better by knockout!

★ Best Easy Control
★ Be the master in boxing!
★ 3 Round Boxing Match
★ Amazing animations
★ Amazing sound effects
★ Move around in the ring
★ Show your friends you are the best
★ Experience the sensation of boxing!

Undoubtedly, you need to Log release the hips if you want to run More Powerful punches.

Drop the hips while you defend Will you help anchor for You to Avoid losing your balance.

Drop your hips movements Pendant Will help you more anchored to the ground, Allowing you to move with more balance and control.

The girls are not the weak sex. Meet this girls, each one fighitng for dreams and defeating fears. In WFx3 you can choose from many brave womans and know why are they fighting and giving the best for beat all their opponents.
In this game you go to find:
Game features:
- 9 beautiful girls
- Super combos
- Comic style stories.
- Move around in the ring
- 6 Arenas
- Interface in English and Spanish
- Fast and dynamic game play

Prepare yourself for the School Girl Fighting challenge! Fight your way to become a martial arts master of the School! Learn all the moves and beat your opponents in this intensive action fighting game. Whether your style is karate, kungfu, tae kwon do, or boxing, just swipe your moves and start throwing some kicks and punches!
- Great fighting action!
- Lots of different opponents
- Find and learn new smashing moves!
- Free to play
- A cool mobile fighting game in the style of Street Fighter and Tekken, but also suitable for anybody looking for a casual fighting game
* Please note that School Girl Fighting 3D (like Fire Pro) depicts a fictitious universe and is not affiliated with any real wrestling shows such as WWE (Wrestlefest), TNA, NJPW, or UFC. And obviously not NFL (Madden), NBA, or FIFA.

Play a martial arts game now and find out how good your combat skills are. Choose real martial art girl and fight with opponent. Classic fighting game.
Addictive gameplay
Real adrenaline boost, high quality 3D graphics
If you love martial arts, you must be playing this game.
Play martial arts Fight 3D, appreciate the combat mood and start training karate immediately.
Special fighting styles :Chinese boxing, Sanda,Baji Quan To knock enemies down
3D fighting control system
3D characters
Smooth and intense motion!
You can use punching, kicking, catching, throwing, dodge and defense. You are able to combine these fighting skills to create variety deadly attacks
Choose your fighter and try to win the matches by beating up all of your powerful opponents. Triumph over evil (or be evil) in this fighting game.
The best martial arts game, fighter girls with killing moves.