Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Speed Burger Game

Casual game, for all the family, easy and fun to play!
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ install now ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
★ impressive 3D graphics
★ incredibly realistic physics
★ special parts and prices
★ special effects
Collect as much as you can, if you like burger game, this one is the best one
Now you do not need to go carnival or games room.
Push Burger Machine puts the fun in your hands
You can play the speed burger in your hand easily.

Cooking the perfect burger is an art and now you can master this art to Speed ​​Burger.
Some of us think that cooking a hamburger is easy for some of us, it is much more than that, it takes a lot of experience to cook the perfect burger.
After years of practice, and being the King of burgers, cooks have found the perfect recipe for the most delicious burger ever made.
Today you will have the mission to join the ranks of the burger kings. Use only high quality beef for meat and make sure you do not overcook it must be right.
Warm the buns on the grill and the meeting and on top thereafter. Decorate your burger with your favorite toppings and enjoy your delicious hamburger.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Big Boxing Android Game

Really Big Boxing, put your gloves and not be intimidated by its size.

★★★★★ INSTALL IT NOW ★★★★★

Control your player until won, better by knockout!

★ Easy Control
★ Be the master in big boxing!
★ 3 Round Boxing Match
★ Amazing animations
★ Amazing sound effects
★ Show your friends you are the best
★ Experience the big sensation of boxing!

In this combat sport in which two people engage in a test of strength, speed, reflexes, endurance and willingness by punches with gloves against each other.

You need to free your body if you want to perform more powerful moves.
Your opponent become very heavy when they block your punches.
You may even feel rejected when you hit his care.

The boxing match consists of a determined number of three-minute rounds (in this case 30 seconds), a total of 3 rounds. A minute is typically spent between each round with the fighters in their assigned corners receiving advice and attention from their coach.
Spectacular style like Floyd Mayweather style playing, in the way boxer capable of unconventional technical prowess. Its inputs to the ring accompanied sometimes staged eccentric and original outfits. His way of fighting is technically very rich, very determined and aggressive. His shots start with a large lightning speed and accuracy make them very effective. Thus he puts the mat number of his opponents. His attacks against and attacks are carried at the right time and with high accuracy. He concludes his fights most often by powerful hooks midway. It is the same for his defense. Mayweather is mainly based on its strong ability to dodge on site and to escape by no withdrawal and side; preferring this form of defense to blockages. Excellent mobility ("footwork) makes one of these forces. The side of his physical qualities, he has demonstrated exceptional skills in terms of "breath", vivacity of action and strikes.

Monday, August 18, 2014

War Defense Bomber 3D Shooter

Shoot the enemy planes in the sky. Experience the blistering Action - hot air immerse challenges, fighting like never before when you become the commander of the Turret !

Your bomber attacked from all sides , and the only thing to keep in the air is a rain lashing streaming your gun turret .

Keep your flight plan, and you and your colleagues alive as you fight it in the sky against dozens of enemy planes .

Continue to fight as long as possible in endless mode , and work your way up to become a famous combatant commander . But most important of all, you need to hone your skills in aerial combat , improve your accuracy and get everyone on the ground alive.

You are the commander of the turret ! If you like FPS games, it should be yours .

• Better air FPS mobile game .
• More than 100 missions
• Endless Mode continues the fight going as long as you can stay alive.
• Touch and intuitive controls.
• 3D graphics superb for most resolution.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Kong VS Zombies

Addictive and FREE match-3 puzzle gameplay with classic RPG system!

Kong VS Zombies is the most popular mobile game!


Match three or more gems of the same color to attack your enemies. like most puzzle games, you can switch the gems as far as you want to match it.

Upgrade your character and make the biggest strategy attack


With lot of challenges with each zombies, you may need to upgrade you health and power to make a strong attack.


Don't forget to improve our skills and shield, it may helping you to resist and defend you area.

In this strategy action game you will need all your reflexes, time is very important.

In one word you have to be the Forest Master, and defend your village from the coming zombies

Kong VS Zombies is constantly expanding. It’s also completely FREE to play !

Zombies Monsters :

Penguin Girl
Polar Bear

Monday, June 30, 2014

Dungeon Dragon Hunt Runner

The Dragons are back in hunting and you answered the call. Visually spectacular, this game of magic combat
Challenge mighty dragons, reptiles as you progress into a realm of fantasy.

Dragons Dungeon Hunt is free and really fun. We really enjoyed creating it and hope that you shall take as much by playing. Why not test it?

Collect diamonds to unlock all characters
* Invest in power-ups that will blow your mind (and all the way)
* Come back every day to enjoy numerous awards in diamonds, it will be easier to unlock other characters and power-ups
- No purchase is necessary to take advantage of all the characters collect diamonds and update for free! -

Friday, June 27, 2014


Beach Escape Car Racing! Runner of the police is the ultimate 3D racing police chase where you have to drive cars, escaping the real Police responding to a 911 call tracking.

Dangerous driving, with many challenges, hot race and police cars at high speed, not far from the beach, both fun, entertaining and full of challenges.

Driving and racing cars real police, test your skills and join the hunt crush, does not leave you surprised by the obstacles in your path, you have everything you need to overcome

* Collect nuts to unlock all cars
* Invest in power-ups that will blow your mind (and the entire road)
* Come back every day to enjoy multiple awards in nuts, you make it easier to unlock the other cars and power-ups
- No purchase necessary to enjoy ALL CARS collect nuts and update for free! -

Our IAP are more like a bonus then a must. You can enjoy this game by collecting nuts and invest in getting new feature updates.

Beach Escape Car Racing! the ultimate racing car on your android devices

Friday, June 13, 2014


Cut the fruit is an arcade style action game with a lot of juice enjoyed by millions of players around the world! You are the ultimate designer sweet, the discovery of new flavors with every slash!

You now have the chance to spend your finger on the screen deliciously with delicacy, but as a true samurai of the past. beware of bombs - they are explosive to touch and will make you lose the experience points!

Cut the fruit requires a lot of thinking and attention, addictive game that will make you come back for even higher scores.

Cur The Fruit is the best slicer on Android!

Friday, June 6, 2014


Pretending that you know your city to the smallest street!

This game will allow you to confirm what you said :)

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ INSTALL IT NOW ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

This game is very simple to play, but need your expertise and knowledge at least small details

Riddles of the city for all ages. Puzzles of the city provide hours of entertainment for you and your family. You will never play a new puzzle. You will also never find the same map puzzle twice!

Play the game wherever you go, depending on your location.

How to play:

Tap on the grid box, then do the swap with another box.
Double tap to zoom
The help button will help you to see the correct boxes


Do you love Racing Car Games ?

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Download Your Racing Game ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Speed around tight turns to cross the finish line in first place in the cool racing games from Hot Wheels. Try your hand at being a speedy race car driver!

Race through various exciting levels with cars. No hill is too steep and no jump is too far in these thrilling car racing games

These challenging car racing games bring you the new racing experience... almost! The audience cheering, adrenaline pumping.

Micro Racing Games here with best free games to enjoy, new tracks every update!!

Crush the gas pedal and take the control of your car, and cross the finish line in the first place


High Speed Race is a real motorcycle simulation !!

Do you want to feel the real high speed on your device ?

★★★★★ INSTALL IT NOW ★★★★★

Your mission is to ride at the highest speed that you can, easy ? will see

Do you like motorcycle games, this one it's a real, you may control your bike like in real life.

Avoid accident with other cars, there is no motorcycle superstore accept it for sale after crash !!

Drive carefully, your life depend on it !!

Different Camera view : Top, Down and Crazy Camera

How to play:
Tilt steering accelerometer to control motorcycle
Touch screen to set full of nitrogen released after accelerated
Avoid cars on your road


Do you like challenging, fun and new game ?

★★★★★ INSTALL IT NOW ★★★★★

Haunted Battle Tower Defense, is a new free TOWER DEFENSE game style, Build and Defend.

The struggle between survival and desire to conquer !!

The main objective of the game is to build defensive units, while enemy units try to break through your defenses.

Using Build, Weapon, Enemy and Shot !!

Different weapon and defense, use them wisely !!

★★★★★ LOT OF FUN ★★★★★


Football League is one of the more intense and addictive games for world teams league soccer.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Download Now ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

And choose your favorite team to play with, the most popular teams are added !!

★ Dribbling, short pass, long pass, tackle and much more.

★ All that you need to play a real football game on your android devices

★ Build your and customize your team.

• Real Football Game for Android
• Goods Team real foundation
• The game controls very easy and sensitive
• Realistic sounds and stunning graphics
• New intuitive touch controls