Friday, June 6, 2014


Fantasy Football is one of the high intense and fantasy monsters premier league teams football games.

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And choose your favorite monster to play the final with, push your energy to the limit, very fun game with lot of humor!

★ Dribbling, short pass, long ball recovery, and much more.
★ Everything you need to play a fantasy game of soccer on your Android devices
★ The game controls very easy and sensitive
★ Build and customize your your team.
★ New intuitive touch controls

Do you like playing football game on you android devices, this is not a realistic soccer with real players, it's so far more fantasy with the monsters team. from an old legend in the monster world's, the life is more different from the life on the earth, but one thing is true, the monster like playing soccer, and probably in the future we will play - we as humans - against them.

Prepare your team for the big challenge, and improve your skills when the time comes to defend your nations.