Saturday, February 15, 2014

Flying Paper Plane Endless

We all played when we were young or even children, with the paper airplane, it allowing us to open our creativity and take on challenges like, which one will go far away, or one that will do most acrobatic, we adjust wings and hoping to get the desired result !! 

With, Flying Paper Plane, a new game on the android platform, you can find these moments of happiness:

Try to fly as far as you can, you need to tap the screen to give your plane a wind boost to make it fly!

One-touch-game: just tap… at the right time!

Many Missions Inside

Pick up power-ups and score massive coins!

Lot of fun !!

Complete all the missions, collect all the coins to unlock new Challenges and new PowerUps.
You have to avoid mines, anchors, torpedoes and electrical Knots.

**How far can you flick and fly your paper plane? Use your finger to tap on the screen the make the plane flying**